To SharePoint or Not to SharePoint

To SharePoint or Not to SharePoint

Is this Déjà vu? Have I blogged this before? It must just be my recollection of the many conversations I have had with clients, to SharePoint or not to SharePoint? While I am indeed a SharePoint enthusiast, I am not a believer that SharePoint is the end all, be all technology. I believe it has strengths for sure, and it has weaknesses as well. I’m not a big fan of the Blog template for blogging, and I think the Records Management capabilities are better in 2010 than 2007 but am still not convinced I would migrate my records to SharePoint just yet. That being said, SharePoint is a terrific technology for project management, team collaboration, and corporate intranets.  

So the question isn’t really appropriate to ask “Should we go to SharePoint”, but rather what problem are you trying to solve. In regards to possibly cleaning up your network shared drive and putting some governance around your corporate data, then yes. In regards to statistics and dashboards, possibly. In regards to records management and retention, I would wait for the next version. But SharePoint most definitely has its purpose and based on a recent article by ZDNet it appears tens of thousands of users are migrating to SharePoint every day. Yes, I said TENS of THOUSANDS each DAY. Ultimately you will find a use for SharePoint, just don’t try to make it be the kitchen sink, it doesn’t hold water at all.

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