Customizing SharePoint Calendars

Customizing SharePoint Calendars

SharePoint Calendars are one of my primary methods of organizing my schedule with clients and coordinating meetings, timelines, etc. for our consulting projects. One of the challenges is that the primary view (Month view) only displays one column on the page so when you are trying to get an overview of your week or month, you can see usually the Title but not the location or end time. I usually end up creating a custom column called Full Title and I display that column on each of my views. I have a few examples shown below. One of the challenges I ran across lately was wanting to show both the start time and end time. This required converting the field so, I’ve added the script text below as well.

Example #1: This calendar was our training schedule calendar that listed the courses running each week.

We wanted the calendar to show not just the Course but also the Instructor, the Location, and if the class was Confirmed or not.

Here are the columns from the list.

So I created a column called Full Title as follows:

Then I changed the view to display the new Full Title:

The challenge I had was when I wanted to show the time. So I had another calendar to manage one of our projects. In this example I wanted to display the start time and end time. When I tried to create this custom column it ended up looking like this.

So I found this script to convert the time from text to time.

And voila!

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