To iPhone or not to iPhone

To iPhone or not to iPhone

Being the “gadget girl” that I am I have had several opportunities to either inherit or acquire an iPhone – which I have to admit I love. I don’t love the phone part as much as the gadgetry. That being said, the iPhone has not been a slam dunk for me for several reasons.

Reason #1: The phone part seems to be the least effect part of the phone. Huh? Yeah, I travel quite a bit and have to converse with clients while away from my normal tower. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that the phone doesn’t work as well as my Sprint phone. I need it as a phone primarily – and as a gadget secondarily.

Reason #2: The battery. Again, while travelling I am away from a charging station. It seems a bit much to have to charge your phone during the day. Currently I charge my phone each night and it gets me through the day. The iPhone, not so much. That’s way to high maintenance for me.

Reason #3: Security. Yes, all those apps that are so cool that you can download and play with – come at a price. There are lots of articles about the security issues regarding the iPhone, including this one that just came out today (How to Hijack every iPhone in the World).

Reason #4: Business reasons. I started a new company in January where I broker cell phones, cell phone services, satellite TV, local/long distance, home security, and VoIP (with and without video capability). It has been a great business, and in this economy has provided enough income for my husband to quit his full time job and work this business exclusively. BUT – we don’t sell the iPhone. Nobody sells the iPhone besides Apple. So, how to I go about promoting my new business carrying around and iPhone. Hmmm. I hope you see my dilema. Luckily the other reasons are enough for me to hold off for now.

If you have an iPhone and feel you truly cannot live without it because . . . I would love to hear from you. I’m looking for serious reasons, not reasons like “I can’t imagine not having Sudoku”.

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