InfoPath Training References

InfoPath Training References

Chapter 1 – Introduction to InfoPath
InfoPath Introduction – 8 Part Video Series
Creating a Basic Form in InfoPath (Video – 15 min.)
About digital signatures and InfoPath
A Getting Started Reference from LSU

Chapter 2 – Basic of InfoPath Form Design
Master/Detail control example
Implementing a Master-Detail on the web

Chapter 3 – Working with Data
XML Schema Example

Chapter 4 – Advanced Controls and Customization
Email validation function
Expression box – Conditional SUM example
An overview of functions
An introduction to data validation
Opening a hyperlink in the same browser window
Hyperlink syntax
Understanding Rules in InfoPath
Resource for pattern matching (regular expressions)
Regular expression quick start
Using regular expressions example (Video)
Regular Expression Cheat Sheet

Chapter 5 – Adding Logic without Code

Chapter 6 – Retrieving Data from External Sources
Integrating InfoPath 2007 with the Data Connection Library
Design a form template for offline use
Sample Applications for Sending Native XML Web Services Requests
Connecting InfoPath to Web Services
Exposing Product Information via Web Services
Working with Data Sources and Data Connections in InfoPath

Chapter 7 – Extended Features of Data Connections
Example Web Service: Cascading DropDowns in Browser Forms
Designing a Form Template Based on a Web Service
How to add a data connection to a SharePoint list or library in InfoPath
Developing Solutions for InfoPath (Ch. 7 Exercise)
InfoPath Data Connection Options
Populate a Drop-Down List Box via a Secondary Data Source
Using SQL Server 2005 Web Services with InfoPath

Chapter 8 – Submitting Form Data
Add a data connection to a SharePoint document library or list
Webservices, Business Data Catalog and InfoPath 2007 (article 1)
InfoPath 2007 Form submitting to webservice (article 2)

Chapter 9 – Saving and Publishing
3 Ways to Deploy Templates to SharePoint

Chapter 10 – Building Reusable Components
Creating Reusable Template Parts
Creating and Inserting InfoPath 2007 Template Parts

Chapter 11 – Security and Deployment
Restricting Permissions to InfoPath 2007 Forms and Form Templates
Enabling Digital Signatures in InfoPath 2007 Form Templates
Deploying and Managing InfoPath 2007 Forms

Chapter 12 – Creating Reports

Chapter 13 – Workflows
Building a Simple Custom Workflow in InfoPath (Video – 10 min.)
InfoPath and MOSS Workflow Demo (YouTube Viedo – 10 min.)
Using SharePoint Server Workflows with InfoPath 2007

Chapter 14
Creating InfoPath Form Templates That Work With Forms Services

Chapter 15


Microsoft InfoPath Labs
Create and Use a Data Connection Library with InfoPath 2007? (Video – 7 min.)
Codeless InfoPath Tutorials, Articles and Solutions
InfoPath 2007 Demo: Create reusable template parts
InfoPath 2007 Demo: Publish a form template as an e-mail message 
InfoPath 2007 Demo: Store InfoPath forms in a document library on a SharePoint site 
InfoPath 2007 Demo: Convert a Word Document into an InfoPath 2007 Form Template 
InfoPath 2007 Demo: Populate a drop-down list box from a SharePoint list
Updating a Secondary Data Source in InfoPath Using AJAX
Download Site for the Example Files
Programmatically create a custom SharePoint list from a repeating table in an InfoPath web-based form

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