SharePoint Designer Training Videos

SharePoint Designer Training Videos

Get SharePoint Designer training on your desktop: A set of 20 videos covering various topics on Sharepoint designer can be found at office online here. Topics covered in videos include following

  • Adding a page to a SharePoint site
  • Contributor Settings Creating a custom list data form
  • Managing data sources Enabling editing in Data Views
  • Data View properties
  • Web part connections
  • Creating a workflow Collecting data in a workflow
  • Modify a master page
  • Modify the default SharePoint content placeholders
  • Creating pages from a master page
  • Changing content page layouts
  • Managing master pages
  • Create a cascading style sheet
  • Modifying Style Sheets
  • Using the CSS task panes
  • Creating Publishing Page Layouts
  • Customizing a Publishing Page Layout
  • Code snippets

A six-part series on getting the most out of SharePoint Designer 2007 : A set of 6 videos found here which covers the following topics.

  • Powerful user interface and design tools
  • Customize SharePoint sites
  • Create and modify layout pages
  • Create and modify rules-based workflow applications
  • Build composite no-code SharePoint applications
  • Visual Studio integration

SharePoint Designer 2007 Business Administrator Training: This video series for advanced users shows you how to quickly and easily build complex business solutions on the SharePoint platform. Topics covered include the following

  • Integrating Visual Studio
  • Using the Data View Dashboard
  • Creating the best workflow
  • Applying layout changes

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