Mindsharp SharePoint Designer References

Mindsharp SharePoint Designer References

When students take an instructor led class, it can be quite challenging to absorb 100% of the content being covered. Especially if the class extends beyond three days. In an effort to help with that retention I have compiled a list of resources from the SharePoint Designer class that I teach for Mindsharp. During my many years of teaching I have found it useful to provide students with references to information so that once class is over they can go back and refresh their memories on the various topics.

Module 0
Design intranet navigation with card sorting
Good example of bad Web design
The 10 worst Web sites to navigate (2006)
The 10 worst Web sites to navigate (2007)
Wikipedia comparison of browsers
Browser statistics by month
Test any SharePoint site for standards compliance using Cynthia says
Top 50 Web sites (by Time) 
Questions all Web developers should know

Module 1
Managed Paths
Managed Paths screen cast by Bob Fox
Features of WSS vs MOSS

Module 2
Use the Table of Contents Web Part to display navigation on a Web page
Customizing the Site Directory of MOSS 

Modifying Navigation Settings through the User Interface
Page Layouts and Master Pages
What are Content Types anyway?
Using the Content Query Web part in a Web part page

Content Query Web part example
Displaying Data from Multiple Lists with the Content Query Web part
How to Customize the Content Query Web Part with Properties
Customizing Styles of Content Query Web Part
Overview of Web Part connections
Example of using Web Part connections
Microsoft overview of Web Part connections

Module 3
Creating a custom site definition
Reset a Customized Page to the Site Definition

Module 4
SharePoint Designer Training Videos 

Module 5
Creating  a Web Page using SharePoint Designer

Module 6
How to Create a Minimal Master Page
Master Pages Defined
CSS options with Master Pages
Master Pages vs. Themes
Description of Default Content Placeholders in a Master Page
Preview of Default Content Placeholders in a Master Page
Heather Solomon’s Base Master Page
Customizing WSS 3.0 with Master Pages
ASP.NET templates and starter kits
MOSS Navigation

Module 7
Master Pages and Content Pages

Module 8
Defined Classes in Core.css for SharePoint

Module 9
Creating a Custom Theme
Customizing a Theme without modifying Core.css
Branding a MOSS Corporate Portal

Module 11
Creating a Basic Workflow in SharePoint Designer 
Video: Creating a Custom Workflow in SharePoint Designer
How to Use Variables in a Custom Workflow
Microsoft’s Example of How to Use Variables in a Workflow
Creating Workflows with InfoPath, Visual Studio, and SharePoint Designer
Custom Workflows

Module 15
Creating a custom workflow in SharePoint Designer
Using Variables in Workflows 
Creating a workflows initiation form

Additional Resources
Using the BDC with Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On Tips and Tricks
Business Data Catalog Connections
Demos: A Six Part Series on Getting the Most out of SharePoint Designer
How to Create Code Snippets in SharePoint Designer

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