20480 Course References

20480 Course References

The Microsoft course 20480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS is a five day intensive class on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you know nothing coming into the class it will be like drinking from a fire hydrant. I’m not sure why the class has HTML in the title as it only covers HTML for about 10 of the 500 pages. So, you really should have some decent HTML experience prior to the class. That being said, there are so so so many resources for information on these three topics I thought it would be nice to break it down. In addition, many students take this class in preparation for SharePoint. I will also include specific SharePoint references, as … well …. SharePoint currently rules the world 🙂

Module 1: Overview of HTML and CSS
Heather Solomon Styles for SharePoint
CSS Selector Reference
Chapter 2: Creating and Styling HTML Pages
F12 Developer Tools – Introduction
F12 Developer Tools
Module 3
JavaScript in 12 minutes
Regular Expressions reference
Module 4
HTML Forms Tutorial – Video
Regular Expressions reference
CustomValidity – Video
Module 5
JQuery tutorial – video
Sending and Receiving Data using JQuery
General References
JQuery Selectors
Module 6

Module 7
JavaScript Object Oriented Programming – book
OOP in JavaScript – book
JavaScript Objects – video
Module 8
FileReader Explained
FileReader Example
Drag and Drop Tutorial – video
GeoLocation Video
F12 Developer Tools video
How to use F12 Developer Tools to Debug your Webpages
Module 9
HTML Web Storage

Module 14
An Introduction to WebSockets

Exam References
Microsoft Learning
Chris Myers Exam Study Guide
Testing Software
Test Inside Questions and Answers
Geeks with Blogs study material
STS Study Guide
Eric Bryant Study Guide
General References
Free Editor
Komodo Edit

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