New Blog Look

New Blog Look

I have had my blog for over 10 years now and it has gone through three different looks. The last look was very “crafty” as I was probably feeling crafty at the time I changed it. Changing the skin on a blog, however, is not an easy decision, and can take hours and hours to fix all the little issues introduced by the new template.

So, for the sake of nostalgia I decided to blog about my blog.

My original look in 2004 – it was basic but my blog was live and I was excited.
My first updated look in 2007
My next look in 2010

My choices this week
And as you can see my final look is what you see now.
The theme is clearly blue and green. No matter how hard I try, when I look through 3,000 themes I always gravitate to green and blue. For now, this will do. 🙂

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