SharePoint Workflow History List

SharePoint Workflow History List

SharePoint typically creates two lists when working with workflows. The built in workflows attempt to utilize a Tasks list and a Workflow history list. Over the past few days I have had an issue with an approval workflow rejecting the approval without any user interaction. In order to track down the problem I had to turn to the workflow history list. This list is located at SiteURL/lists/Workflow%20History/

In looking at this list (see screen shot below) I was able to track the workflow through the entire and could determine what actions were being taken by the user and by the system.

Number Event Type
0 None
1 WorkflowStarted
2 WorkflowCompleted
3 WorkflowCancelled
4 WorkflowDeleted
5 TaskCreated
6 TaskCompleted
7 TaskModified
8 TaskRolledBack
9 TaskDeleted
10 WorkflowError
11 WorkflowComment

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