SharePoint Workflow Status

SharePoint Workflow Status

I have been working on a rather complicated workflow over the past few weeks and needed to obtain the value of the Approval status for the workflow. My initial attempt was to create a list column of a single line of text and simply output the workflow approval value to the column. This worked great in my initial findings but ultimately would only provide responses for things I could control, such as when I approved or rejected a document. My workflow also needed to know if the approval process had Not Started or was In Progress. Once I was able to document all of these status values I was able to get my workflow to do everything I needed. Hopefully, these will come in as handy for you as they did for me.

The workflow status are constants (integers), so you’ll need to refer to a list like:

Status Value
Not Started 0
Failed on Start 1
In Progress 2
Error Occurred 3
Canceled 4
Completed 5
Failed on Start (retrying) 6
Error Occurred (retrying) 7
Canceled 15
Approved 16
Rejected 17

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