Moving Wiki Pages in SharePoint

Moving Wiki Pages in SharePoint

When working in SharePoint, moving documents from one library to another is not a big deal. Most libraries support the Open with Explorer capability and then it is a simple matter of drag and drop.

In addition, most libraries have the ability to move or copy individual documents using the drop down menu on the document and selecting the Send To –> Other Location. Then you can simply enter in the new library and voila.  This includes moving files within a site or even to another site all together.

Wiki libraries, however, do not support either of these features.  Because wiki libraries store web pages (pages with an .aspx extension), they are intended to be linked or to link to other location. They are not what SharePoint considers “documents” but rather “code” pages. Because of this, the wiki library does not give you any built in capability to move or copy files. There are few ways to work around this issue. If you are using the Enterprise version of SharePoint there is access to a Manage Content and Structure view that will allow you to move or copy. This usually requires elevated privileges, and can be found under the Site Actions menu of the site.

Once you are in the Manage Content and Structure area you simple need to locate the files you want to move or copy and select the Actions menu.

This function only works if you are moving or copying files within the same site collection. If you want to work between two site collections you will have to take a look at a few other options.

1. Using stsadm

2. Creating a template out of the library (and including content). This is limited to 10MB, so may not be a viable option

3. Using Powershell script

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