SharePoint Send To function not working

SharePoint Send To function not working

Several times, with different clients, I have run into the issue where the Send To function of SharePoint doesn’t work. There are a variety of reason for this as it turns out, but one of the main issues is that there is an add in that runs the code to copy files to other location. The add-in is called STSUpld CopyCtl Class add-in. For some reason this control doesn’t work properly in Internet Explorer 9.

According to Microsoft the CopyCtl is an ActiveX control that enables a user of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 to copy a document in a list to one or more locations.

  1. You can disable this control by performing the following steps:
  2. In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select Manage add-ons
  3. The default view is Currently loaded add-ons. Change that to All add-ons or Run without permissions.
  4. Locate the STSUpld CopyCtl and click the Disable button.

It might be helpful to know all of the ActiveX controls that SharePoint uses. A comprehensive list can be found here with some additional information regarding browser security issues with Active X controls. For reference purposes I have provided the information below.

ProgID Description DLL File
STSUpld.CopyCtl Copies a document in a list to another location. STSCOPY.DLL
DiagramLaunch.DiagramLauncher Starts Microsoft Visio 2010 to create a new Visio diagram. DGRMLNCH.dll
SharePoint.ExportDatabase Starts Microsoft Access 2010 to create or export the data from a linked table to a SharePoint list. OWSSUPP.dll
ListNet.ListNet Displays a SharePoint list in DataSheet View, which enables the user to edit multiple items at the same time. STSLIST.dll
Name.NameCtrl Displays presence information for the SharePoint users in the site. NAME.dll
OISCTRL.OISClientLauncher Starts Microsoft Office Picture Manager for uploading images to a Picture Library. OISCTRL.dll
SharePoint.OpenDocuments Starts the appropriate client application when a document is edited in a document library. OWSSUPP.dll
SharePoint.OpenXMLDocuments Starts Microsoft InfoPath 2010 to create or edit XML documents in a document library. inlaunch.dll
SharePoint.SpreadsheetLauncher Imports lists from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into the current SharePoint site. OWSSUPP.dll
SharePoint.StssyncHandler Returns the name of the application to synchronize calendars and contacts between Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. OWSSUPP.dll
TaskLaunch.TaskLauncher Exports tasks from SharePoint to Microsoft Project 2010. NAMEEXT.dll
STSUpld.UploadCtl Enables the user to upload multiple documents to a document library at the same time. STSUPLD.dll

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