Ten reasons not to fix computers for free

Ten reasons not to fix computers for free

As a self proclaimed techie, it is impossible to attend a family function without someone asking for me to look at their computer. It starts with a simple comment, like “yeah, my computer is acting weird”, and then a little later turns into “hey, do you think you could take a look at my computer”. In the end, the answer should be NO. But for the past 20 years the answer has always been, sure. Now, I have two options other than that. My first option is that I now outsource computer support through a 3rd party for a reasonable monthly fee. I purchased a 1 year plan for my parents for Christmas, a 3 month plan for my sister for her birthday. It’s working out great. For those family members who are too cheap to pay the $17/month, then I send them a link to this article 10 Reasons you should not fix computers for free

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