Cannot Upload to a Wiki Library

Cannot Upload to a Wiki Library

Wikis are a terrific feature of SharePoint. There are tons of articles on wikis and how wikis work, so this post is not about the functionality of wikis, but rather one of the shortcomings I discovered and needed to solve. For some reason, a wiki library in SharePoint 2010 does not have Upload Document capability. Recognizing that it is easy to create wiki pages in SharePoint, but what about those wiki pages I already created in my SharePoint 2007 environment that I just want to move to our new SharePoint 2010 environment. It should not be this difficult to simply upload a couple of file.

Every library comes with a few forms that provide the functionality of the library. For example, the upload form is called Upload.aspx and is located in the /Forms/ folder of the library. By simply calling the I could access the upload form. However, I uploaded the file and was directed to the properties page (since I had custom metadata in my library), when I would click Save, it would then take me directly to the document view in the browser instead of the library default view. Not a good end user experience. So you can use the upload multiple option to solve this problem, but the upload multiple page has to pass the unique list id (which is 32 characters). In order to find this url you have to change the dialogs setting of the library.

To change the settings, go to the library settings for the library. When you are in library settings, notice the URL. Here is where you will find the List ID. You will need this later, so it is a good idea to copy this value. List=%7B9B3B55A7%2D278E%2D4318%2D85A0%2DED817726E703%7D

Click Advanced Settings. In the Dialogs section, set the Launch forms in a dialog to No.

Once this is disabled, you can simply call the Upload.aspx page, and past in the ListID as well as the MultipleUpload=1 parameter. Your URL should look something like this:


The next step was to get that into the library so the user has easy access to upload. To do that I simply edited a Content Editor Web Part to the top of the page. In the Web part I added a link to the Upload Multiple Files url. I called the Web part Administrative Tasks, and in this case set the Audience Target to only a select group of users.

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