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How to Burn an ISO Image to a DVD or CD


1. Copy the file DVDBurn.exe or CDBurn.exe to your hard drive. These utilities are part of Windows Server 2003 Resource kit.
2. Go to the command prompt (Start, Run, cmd.exe).
3. Change directory to the location where you copied the DVDBurn.exe (e.g. D:\Utils\DVDBurn).
4. Use the following syntax to burn a DVD:
dvdburn <dvd_drive> <iso_filename_path>

For example:
dvdburn E: D:\VistaImage\vista.iso
where E: is the drive letter of your DVD and vista.iso is the ISO image file. If the path contains spaces, use quotes. For example:
dvdburn E: D:\Vista Image\vista.iso¬Ě

5. You will notice the progress percentage, as shown below.
Burn an ISO Image to DVD
6. When finished, you should confirm that the burn was successful.
7. Using this method to burn a DVD automatically creates a bootable DVD.

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