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New Blog Look

I have had my blog for over 10 years now and it has gone through three different looks. The last […]

SharePoint Workflow History List

SharePoint typically creates two lists when working with workflows. The built in workflows attempt to utilize a Tasks list and […]

SharePoint Workflow Status

SharePoint Workflow Status

I have been working on a rather complicated workflow over the past few weeks and needed to obtain the value […]


Moving Wiki Pages in SharePoint

When working in SharePoint, moving documents from one library to another is not a big deal. Most libraries support the […]


SharePoint, One Bite (or Site) at a Time

It is no surprise to me when I go to visit a client who “wants to do SharePoint” to find […]


Ten reasons not to fix computers for free

As a self proclaimed techie, it is impossible to attend a family function without someone asking for me to look […]